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Ashley Sage Ellison - Solo BBW

Ashley Sage Ellison - Solo BBW

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Some straight men fetishize womens’ breasts, but for most men, regardless of orientation, they are one of many cues that convey the vitally important information that the person is a woman. Heterosexual men in general like women's breasts. Not all do, but a great many do. Some men in that very large group have specific preferences regarding size, shape, etc., which should not be very surprising. We all have our own fancies. Most men though aren't that particular. They welcome the sight of any womanly breasts, but not necessarily due to any fetish for them. They like them because the sight of visible breasts usually signals (mostly on a subconscious level) something that they like even more, which is the presence of a woman. The sight of breasts, whether clothed or partially or fully exposed, is hardly the only cue they respond to (in fact, far from it), but it is certainly one of them. There is a great wealth of others. It is not just hetero men, or even just men, who respond to them, either. Once the owner of said breasts is identified as a woman (which takes a split second usually), other cognitive, behavioral and interpersonal processes take over, as dictated by the circumstances and the relationships between the people. (Many of these have nothing to do with sex, and some that could possibly be related to sex may not even be consciously recognized or experienced as such by the perceiver.) ADDENDUM: Men, especially young men, also often marvel (in an appreciative way) at the mere existence of womens’ breasts and exhibit great curiosity about them. They cannot imagine what it must be like to have them or to experience their development. The overt expression of this interest or inquisitiveness varies, though, and the absence of ogling or wolf calling is not a sign that men have failed to notice them.

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